Monday, 8 April 2013

Oh, fancy pants!

Guess who just got offered a permanent position at my work?
Apparently, calling women (above a certain age, I assume) 'girl' is infantalising an therefore sexist, because we don't call men 'boys' past a certain age. Or something.
But I'll talk about THAT tomorrow, because that is a whole other kettle of fishies.
This blog title just got a lot more relevant because I just got some new pants, between titling the blog and posting. They're not fancy by ohmygod they are so comfortable.
Anyway, top stroy today is that the place I've been working at sporadically since November 2011, temping here and there in holidays and during term, doing reception and admin-y bits, has just offered me an official job with them!
I've been temping through Hays this whole time, and while that's had some awesome perks, like being able to say "I'm the best temp in Chiswick!" (and that's about all), it's also been really unstable and a bit hard to organise, because I'm meant to do everything through Hays, but have such a good relationship with where I actually do the working things that I just tell them directly.
So I have to decide if I want to be casual or permanent part-time but either way eeeeeeeeeee!
I'm probably more excited than I should be, given that it's not like I got a new job or anything - it will be exactly the same work.
The real difference is now that I will be an official employee, I won't have to pay for my own meal at the work Christmas lunch. Booyah.

Though tbh, all this pales in comparison to these freaking pants. Kmart, I take back any word I have ever uttered against you. Have all my money in exchange for a never-ending supply of these pants, and tiny pillow pet keyrings, please and thank you and goodnight.

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