Tuesday, 2 April 2013


"BEDA?" she whispers, tentatively.
"You're a day late," says the harsh voice of reason and logic.
Well, close enough. They're still making April Fools jokes in America (Exhibit A) so I figure I'm pretty safe.
To start, and to help get me through the month of April and all the blogging and assessment it is sure to contain, here is a list of things I'm looking forward to over the next while.

  • Courtney coming to visit this weekend!
  • My birthday party
  • The jumping castle at my birthday party
  • Going to see Sir David Attenborough
  • Finding out if I get to be a LeakyCon volunteer
  • Finishing the semester
  • Never having to do bio psych ever again ...
  • ... hopefully
  • Going to Americaaaaaaaa
  • Going to LeakyCon
  • Meeting the Lizzie Bennet Diaries cast at LeakyCon
  • The new Jane Austen web series replacing the Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  • Being a beautiful bridesmaid at my aunt's wedding
  • My aunt getting weddinged
  • Seeing Twisted, the new Starkid musical, in Chicago
  • Going to Mexico
  • Going on long plane flights
  • Coming back from my trip to my tax return
  • Planning maybe to go to Japan/Southeast Asia during the summer
  • Getting birthday presents
  • Being alive *crosses fingers* *touches wood*
  • Being about to make myself a cup of tea
  • Getting to read my book while I wait for mum to pick me up from work
  • Working and earning teh $$$
  • Getting desperate trying to think of more things, and still thinking of some pretty good ones
  • Going home to my puppy
  • and kitty
  • and rabbit
  • Seeing Warm Bodies next weekend
  • Also, seriously, LeakyCon
  • BEDA? I think.
  • Game of Thrones, ooooooh Game of Thrones
I think that'll do. 

Also, if you're new here, BEDA = Blog Every Day in April. It's a thing. Be prepared for some missed days when I forget, some midnight blog posts, some weird and vaguely hysterical posts, some posts that say nothing of importance because BEDA sucks all my creativity and stories away quicker than I can produce them. It'll be a long road, my friends, but we'll trek through it together.
Though not really, because I'm the one writing these and it takes me like, at least half an hour while you spend ten minutes reading it, think "Oooooh, was that worth it?" and close the window. But hey. Tha's cool. No big.

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