Monday, 15 April 2013

I want to, I do

I want to blog so much, but I've got too much uni work - dammit ANU.
Not even so much work like "I shall blog to procrastinate!" but so much work like "I have two exams next week, neither of which I have started studying for, a group presentation on Wednesday I haven't finished writing, and a group presentation in two week I haven't even really looked at so yeah, soz guys."

But in good news, this evening I saved a dog.
There's been probably 5-10 times in the last few years when I've been driving around with Ben and we've seen a dog wandering. Most of the times, the dog has been near its house, but I've still gone in and told the owner, because they should know their dog can get out.
One time, I chased a dog for like, 6 blocks because it ran way when I tried to help it and I wanted to make sure it didn't get run over.
Twice, including tonight, we've saved a dog near a busy road where the dog's house obviously wasn't nearby, and taken it to the pound. The pound have these holding cages, where you can take dogs out of hours and lock them there for the night. We always take a blanket for the puppy to snuggle into, and the pound has water for the dogs.
Tonight, we saved a little terrier. And I mean really saved. We were driving along Cooma St, in Queanbeyan, and there was a tiny dog running across the road, and two people standing on the other side. We pulled over, mostly to avoid hitting the dog but also because it looked like the two people needed a hand. I got out of the car and tried to call the dog over to me, but he (I don't actually know - I'm just guessing) was a bit frightened and ran across the road again, back to the other side. He was looking back at me, and would have come within about 20cm of being hit by a car that made no effort to slow or swerve, although the dog was so small the driver may not have seen it. Once safely (just) on the other side, the dog had a sniff at me, and was a bit suspicious because I smelled like my dog. Then something happened that freaked the puppy out, and he tried to run away. I grabbed him, knowing that if I didn't he would be too scared and go off running again. Because he was already frightened, he barked and tried to bite me, but I managed to get him in my arms and held him like a baby and he calmed down a bit. He licked my hands and my face.
I told the other people who had been trying to help that we would take him to the pound, so Ben and I and the dog got back in the car, stopped in briefly at my house to pick up a blanket, then went to the pound.
It's pretty awful at the pound. The dogs watch you helplessly as your drive away or lock them in the cage, and you don't know what's going to happen to them. But we put him in a cage with the blanket, which we made all snuggly for him, and there was a big bucket of water. He didn't drink anything while I was there though. I sat with him in the cage for a few minutes, trying to settle him down and make him feel better. He felt scared, and was shaking. He didn't really settle. We eventually had to leave though, and he stood at the door to the cage and watched us walk away with sad, bright eyes.
Then, Ben was driving home after dropping me home, and he saw a guy who looked like he was looking for something. Ben pulled over, and this guy owned the dog. When Ben mentioned we'd dropped him at the pound, the guy seemed to think that meant the dog might get put down or something, but Ben explained that the have overnight holding cages.
I haven't heard anything from the guy, though I left my phone number. But I'm happy that the dog found his owner.
And there was one time I saved a dog and got half of $20 and got to miss maths. Best day ever!

Hey, apparently I did have time for a blog.

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