Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Teh birfdaii.*

Following is a list of gifts I received for my birthday (on the word 'received': did you know that apparently in London, teachers have been told not to teach students the 'i' before 'e' except after 'c' rule because there are too many exceptions? Madness!) and a brief (theoretically) paragraph about them.

A Quidditch broom:
If I see you frequently (or you work with me), you'll be completely aware of the fact that I play Quidditch. However, for the uniformed (I know you read this, Ms Sibbett) I play Quidditch. As a part of my Harry Potter Club. And it is fun and good and awesome exercise and stuff. I honestly haven't been able to play much, simply due to the hours that I work and the times of training, but upon my return from overseas and the commencement of my tertiary education, I will be able to play. So, for my birthday, my mum got me a broom. It's beautiful and lovely and the balance is brilliant, but it does need a bit of a trim. Broom servicing kit, anyone?
Also, I am cool. I promise. I'm really fun and awesome and not at all lame. Very much.

An Edward Cullen Make-up set thing:
JOKE PRESENT. I swear. I think?
I got a call while I was at work from my mum and it went pretty much like this:
Mum: So, Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Me: Um ... why?
Mum: Just which one?
Me: Am I allowed to choose neither?
Mum: No! You have to pick.
Me: Then ... I dunno. I guess Edward? But why??
Mum: No reason!
Me: Tell me!
Me: ... OK.
[hang up]
Macro (from work, the eavesdropper): So ... what was that about?
And then I proceeded to awkwardly and embarrassedly tell the story.
Much like now.
The sad thing? The make up's actually not that bad...

A laptop:
Ben and I talked about getting my a laptop for before I went away and we were MEANT to halve it. So the day before my birthday, I sent him a message saying hey let's go laptop shopping, and he was all like 'Not twice in one day!' and I was like 'wahhh?' and he was like 'yeah' and then I got a laptop.

A Jack's Mannequin CD:
From my brothaaa. I have a whole bunch of Jack's Mannequin music, but, much like many of the bands I like, I don't actually own any albums. And I love owning albums. So this was the legitimate present that came after the Edward Cullen make up (though I think we all know I liked Edward Cullen's sexy body the make up more than the CD.) (Also, BAD Adrienne. Edward Cullen is sexy jokes, while theoretically funny because they're true, in actuality, just make people awkward and uncomfortable.)

A Harry Potter Lego Board Game: -- but I nearly wrote Happy Potter, which would also be true because it does make me a Happy. Also a Potter. --
THIS is a fantastic present. Harry Potter, Lego AND board game! Where can you go wrong?! Well, I'll tell you, the board game is where you can go wrong. The board game is where you can go reeeeeaaaaaalllly wrong. It's confusing and weird and odd and a lot of other things, BUT both times I've played, I won, so I'm not complaining too much. :D

Not really any stories. It's just pretty sweet.

A poem (accompanied by some earrings and a kinder chocolate, but the poem was my favourite):
(One of ) My greatest, bestiest, loveliest friend(s) [SIDE NOTE: I tried writing friends twice before getting it right, and the two times before that I wrote friday. Just saying.] in the whole world and I used to do this thin when we weren't paying attention in classes where one of us would pick a title, and the other would have to write a poem from that title. We can up with some gems, let me tell you.
Such as this one:

Big Down South

Everything's bigger down south,
down south
Too big to fit in my mouth,
my mouth.

I'll let you take of that what you will.
But from then on, everytime we give a bithday gift or a Christmas gift, we include with it a poem, and Alyce's poem was lovely and I love her. Also, hello. :)

I know there were other gifts, but I forget.
If you'd like to get me a gift in order to be mentioned on my blog, feel free. I guess I can write something about you.

*Legit. That's how I speak now.

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