Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Some thingy things.

You know what's a bad thing?
Blogging when you're tired.

You know what's a badder thing?
Failing to post on the FINAL day of BEDA.

You know what's a baddest thing?
Saying you're going to post on Monday the 1st of May, and then completely and utterly failing to do so, thus disappointing your fervently adoring fans.

You know what's a stupid thing?
Laddergoat. I know you're giggling right now, specific person.

You know what's a trivial thing to me personally and has no bearing on my life?
The Royal Wedding. But she still looked pretty.

You know what's an odd thing?
Osama bin Laden being dead.

You know what was a hilarious thing?
When the well-known and respected channel 7 international correspondent Mike Amor said "Osama bin Laden" instead of "Barrack Obama". Classic.

You know what's a sad thing?
The fact that I leave in only just over a month.

You know what's a nice but slightly overrated thing?
By birthday being on Sunday.

You know what's a crap thing?
My birthday being on Mother's Day.

You know what's an AMAZING thing?!
Sleep. Goodnizzle, ladybumpers.

Day 30 - Your favourite song at this time last year:
Yeahh, it was probably the same as my still favourite?
Sic Transit Gloria ... Glory Fades by Brand New.

I though it would end well.
It didn't.

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