Friday, 12 October 2012

Will blog out angst.

Good things that happened today:
- I didn't skip my lecture (unlike some people).
- I got my research participation done for psychology.
- I woke up in my nice bed.
- I didn't miss the bus.
- I had a bus ride where I got to read.
- I got to carry around an umbrella all day, and even though it didn't rain, I pretended I was an English gentleman out for a stroll through the grey London streets.
- My cats came back
- And one of them is now snuggling with me.
- I had a semi-underwhelming but still hunger-satisfying lunch
- With pleasant company
- And a free lift home.
- I got to wear my winter hat.
- I got to see lots of nice people. Or at least, a few people who are lots nice.
- I got to read the lovely Alex's blog, which due to the fact that I hadn't blogged in a while, I'd forgotten to do.
- I had really good ice cream. REALLY good ice cream. Caramel honey macadamia ice cream.
- Chome suggested macadamia is not a word and I was actually trying to say tarmacadam.
- I wasn't.
- I had pie. Ooooh, apple and cherry pie. Oooooh, pie-y pie time.
- I found out about wacky new places at ANU.
- I got to cook my breakfast not in the bathroom, because our kitchen renovations are mostly done!
- I got to bed early (she writes, hoping that in the process of writing, it will come true).
- I blogged!
- I wore a secret Harry Potter shirt. (It was a secret because it was too cold to take my jumper off.)
- I planned my bus to see my bestest muddy tomorrow.
- I got a love heart lolly that called me a 'dear one'. (This was after getting one that said 'I will', which I don't know doesn't seem to be a thing.)
- I watched a whole bunch of Daily Grace videos.
- I had a good dream this morning, I think. Like, 90% sure. Maybe.
- I finished this list. :)

(fyi that story i started 2 posts ago. totes not gonna finish that. i lost my mojo. sozlol.)

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